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Expert Mineral Exploration Geophysical Services

Everthing you need to get the best geophysical support for your program, Hutchens GeoPhysics offers the complete suite of surveying, processing and interpretation.

With 10+ years involvement in multi-commodity, multi-disciplinary exploration projects for dozens of companies, Hutchens has the relevant modern skills to make an impact. 


Matthew Hutchens BSc (Geophysics/Chemistry) Hons (Geophysics) graduated from Adelaide University in 2000 with the Normandy Mining Prize for Honours Geophysics.
Starting as a company geophysicist, Matthew has been a mineral exploration consultant from 2007 with Hutchens Geophysics formed in 2013.            

After a few years searching for Diamonds in the Flinders ranges with Flinders Diamonds, Matthew teamed up with Graham Bubner in AsIs International geophysical consultancy. AsIs International was engaged by Australian mineral exploration companies to help explore for a wide range of target commodities across the nation.

Matthew also founded AMG Surveys in 2007 to provide the local industry with high defintion magnetic surveys. AMG Surveys has provided a professional service with exceptional rates of production and subsequently value.

Hutchens GeoPhysics was formed in 2013 by combining the surveying and consulting components together.

Matthew is a member of ASEG (Committee Member SA/NT Branch), AIG

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Mineral Exploration Services

HG provides a full range of mineral exploration geophysical services including...

SURVEY : Expert Survey Design, DGPS, Ground Magnetic, Ground Gravity, Resistivity/Induced Polarisation

DATA & IMAGE PROCESSING: Data acquisition, survey stitching, database manangement. Full suite of Image processing to enhance any feature. Professional presentation.

INTERPRETATION: Profile and full 3D modelling. 3D compilation of data. Generation of Exploration Targets. Professional report writing.