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Specials: Hutchens GeoPhysics is offering super specials on Ground Magnetics and 3D modelling - call now on 0439 746 402

June 2014: HG upgrades to latest version of ModelVision (13.00.05) as UBC Grav3D and Mag3D... Contact us for 3D modelling today.

July 2014: Working on a simple depth estimation technique that is independent of magnetisation strength... stay tuned or drop me a line if you are interested.

August 2014: HG engaged by Adelaide Resources to do High Defintion ground magnetics and 3D modelling on their Yorke Peninsula Alford copper project.

Septembern 2014: HG acquires ground magnetic data near Oodnadatta, South Australia on the Barney Bore project... super clean data as per usual. Data modelled to provide pipe-like body coincident with the Barney Bore gravity target!

November 2014: HG acquires ground magnetic data at the Waukaringa project near Yunta, South Australia. High level of detail allows accurate geological interpretation. Stay tuned for news about interpreting remanent magnetisation vectors using ground and air magnetics... some very interesting remanent sources.

December 2014: Hutchens will be attending the Annual SACOME SA Exploration and Mining Conference, Friday December 5th at the Adelaide Concvention Centre.

April 2015: HG aquires ground magnetic and resisitivity/induced polarisation data at Karngi, NSW. HG acquires ground magnetic data at Manuka (Cobar), NSW and processes to compare with heli-borne data, results show that ground magnetics provides more detail and can be filtered to replicate heli-borne data (but not vice versa).

June 2015: HG aquires 110 line km of ground magnetics near Whyalla for Renascor. High defintion of the data is being used to develop precise targeting.

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Mineral Exploration Services

HG provides a full range of mineral exploration geophysical services including...

SURVEY : Expert Survey Design, DGPS, Ground Magnetic, Ground Gravity, Resistivity/Induced Polarisation

DATA & IMAGE PROCESSING: Data acquisition, survey stitching, database manangement. Full suite of Image processing to enhance any feature. Professional presentation.

INTERPRETATION: Profile and full 3D modelling. 3D compilation of data. Generation of Exploration Targets. Professional report writing.

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